Our Vision

Welcoming community input and using it appropriately to arrive at decisions in the best interest of our residents will preserve Cobb County as the place in which we all chose to settle.  According to county data there are fewer than 1,400 undeveloped/underdeveloped acres of land in District 2. That is only 3.2% of about 44,000 total acres in the District. Most of District 2 is in a Preservation phase of development. Controlling zoning to protect our neighborhoods while encouraging growth in the denser, commercially focused Activity Centers is critical. But, protecting District 2 goes beyond just zoning. We will need to support our Public Safety personnel and make decisions about Transit options and county facilities and programs, all while managing the available General Budget and SPLOST funds. These are the things I will do to ensure that our part of Cobb County remains the kind of place in which we’ve come to enjoy living, working and playing.